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  • Billing and Payments      

      We bill one month in advance to ensure services are prepaid prior to usage. In addition, on the first invoice, there will also be a pro-rated portion for service(s) that have activated prior to bill cycle assignment (which should only be for a few days).  Therefore, your first invoice will be higher than subsequent invoices.  After your first invoice, you can expect your Flash Internet Service to be approximately the same amount each month.

      Payment for your Flash Internet account is withdrawn on the same date each month (known as your bill cycle date).  Flash will send you a Notification email for a successful or unsuccessful payment.  If payment fails, you should remit payment as soon as possible.  If not made by the 7th day, after initial payment failure notification, service may be suspended. 

      You may log in to My Account, at anytime, to process a payment.

      For accounts set up with a recurring payment via a credit/debit card, there are no fees for declined transactions. However, declined transactions processed through a checking account (due to insufficient funds) will incur a $20 charge. There may be additional fees charged by your financial institution.  Late payment fees are also applicable and will be added to your past due charges.

      Flash Internet Service requires a pre-authorized payment, through bank or credit/debit card withdrawal, on the same date each month.  You will be sent an email that confirms the payment amount withdrawn and advises you that your invoice is available to view online via My Account.  Simply log into My Account to view your usage, download a PDF copy of your invoice(s) and view payment history. 

      Flash Internet Service requires a pre-authorized payment withdrawal from a checking account or with a credit/debit card.  However, should you wish to make changes to your payment method, simply log into My Account and follow the steps below:

      1. Click on "Login" (above on this page) or click here.
      2. Select My Payment Methods.
      3. Choose to enter a New Credit Card or enter your Bank Account Information. 
      4. Select Continue.

      Flash Services accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express

      Late payment fees are applicable and will be added to any past due charged on the following monthly invoice.
  • Manage Account

      For your security, only your username is emailed to you and can be found within your Welcome Email.  If you have forgotten either your username or password, there are options to retrieve this information, or simply have it reset.  

      1. Locate My Account from
      2. Select Stand Alone Internet.
      3. Select either 'Forgot your password' or 'Forgot your username?' and follow the instructions.
      4. Once you have successfully logged into My Account with your username and password, you may update your password at any time.

      Flash Internet Service offers online account management, which enables you to: 

      1. View Internet Usage
      2. View your Billing Summary - including invoices, payment history and more
      3. Option to move your Internet service to a new location - without the need to call Customer Care
      4. Modify your Internet speed
      5. ...and more!
  • Usage Based Billing

      Flash Services will send you an email notification and specifics thresholds to ensure you are aware of your usage.  Expect an email when you reach 50% and 90% of your usage limit. Should you reach the limit of your monthly allotted usage, you also receive an email notification.  

      You can also proactively monitor your usage via My Account.  "My Internet Usage" will display detailed daily usage and monthly summaries.  

      Yes! Customers wanting to add unlimited Internet usage should do so via My Account.  Simply log in with your username and password to access your online account management portal.  The unlimited Internet option can be found in two places. 

      1. Select My Internet Usage from the left navigation menu and select 'Click Here' to sign up for unlimited internet access.   Or...
      2. Select My Services  from the left navigation menu > Service Add-Ons > and beneath the menu title 'Manage your Internet Service' select Add Unlimited Internet Usage

      Note:  If this option is not available to you, it's likely that you are on an Internet plan where unlimited usage cannot be added.  Please chat with Customer Care to discuss your options.   

      Usage tracking is available via the "My Internet Usage" option found within My Account. The usage tracker offers customers a monthly summary, as well as detailed daily usage summaries.