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At Flash Services, our customers and employees are our top priority. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and how it is affecting our customers. We will update this page regularly to keep you informed of any changes.


We are available to assist you, as always, during this time.
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Self-service in a flash! As always, you can manage your account online via your Flash Services online account. From here you can:
- Upgrade your internet speed
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With so many Canadian families working and studying from home, this has put a tremendous strain on internet networks across the country. As a result, you may experience slower than normal internet speeds or service degradation, especially during peak usage times. Flash Services has already performed network upgrades to handle the increased traffic and is working diligently to minimize any issues.

In addition, with multiple family members using the same internet connection, your home network may be strained. Things that may help to improve your internet connection are:
  • Increasing your current internet speed (especially if you are on speeds less than 30Mb). This can be done via your Flash Services ‘My Account’.
  • Ensure your internet service is optimized throughout your home. Check our Troubleshooting and Support internet FAQs for helpful tips.
  • In addition, if you have an older router it may not be able to handle the increased traffic, so you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model.

(if a technician visit is required)

In these challenging times, we are working closely with all of our partners to safely install internet and home phone service across Canada.

Given the social distancing guidelines in place, our partners have implemented changes to their processes to protect you and their technicians. With safety as the number one priority, technicians will use discretion when it comes to the installation of your internet service.   

During the installation

The Technician...
  • May activate the internet service outside of the home during the installation window (indicated in the installation confirmation email that you received from Flash Services). As such, the technician…
    - May not call in advance of arriving.
    - May not contact you once the installation is complete.
    - Will notify Flash Services that the internet service is active/installed.
  • Once confirmed by the provider, Flash Services will send you a text message (during business hours) to notify you that the outside work has been completed.
The Customer...
  • Should locate the main coaxial cable outlet (cable internet) or phone jack (DSL) within their home.
  • Should connect the new modem to a coaxial cable coming out of the outlet (cable internet) or to the phone jack (DSL). Refer to the Quick Installation Guide included with your device for details.
  • Should power up the modem to confirm active internet service.

In Addition:

To ensure the safety of your household and our technicians, you may be asked questions regarding your health and recent travel before technicians perform any work.

Most importantly, should you answer YES to any of the following questions or decline to answer, your appointment may be rescheduled.
1. To your knowledge, do you have reason to believe anyone in the home has or may be at risk of having COVID-19?
2. To your knowledge, is anyone in the home displaying symptoms of COVID-19? (fever with cough and/or difficulty breathing)
3. To your knowledge, has anyone in the home travelled abroad (including the U.S.) within the last 14 days?
4. To your knowledge, has anyone in the home been in contact with someone who has or may have COVID-19 (or is anyone currently quarantined at the present)?
If at any time before your technician visit your health situation changes, please contact us and we will discuss possible options.

Please note, if a technician does come into your home, they will take all safety measures such as wearing gloves as well as having hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.


  • Technicians will perform repairs outside the home, where possible, and in most regions will not be entering the home.
  • Customers should attempt to use their service once the appointment window has closed.
  • If the repair was not successful, some providers will not send another technician until further notice (due to resource constraints).  


Self-service in a flash!  As always, you can manage your account online via your Flash Services online account. From here you can:
  • Upgrade your internet speed
  • Manage payment methods
  • View invoices
  • And more!


We are available to assist you, as always, during this time. 

For any information not found on this page or within our FAQs, please Chat with one of our Customer Care agents. You can rest assured that you are talking to an experienced member of our knowledgeable and caring staff.

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