Need to Optimize Wi-Fi Coverage?
You may want to consider a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Oftentimes a traditional router doesn't meet the coverage needs of larger homes or those with a considerable number of connected devices. Flash Services recommends a mesh
Wi-Fi system for optimal coverage.

Flash Services has researched some of the top Wi-Fi routers available that optimize performance and provide ease of use for average and advanced users alike.
Check out two great options below!*

Amazon Eero

Google Nest

If you have a small residence (1200 sq. ft. or less - conservative estimate), a single unit (select Router only) will likely support your needs. For anything larger, we recommend a 2- or 3-pack, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

*You will be directed to a third-party site. Device support, billing, and shipping-related questions (for purchased equipment) should be directed to the provider and not Flash Services.